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Melodic House, Melodic Techno, Indie Dance
Hailing from San Diego, Eddy stands as an accomplished electronic music DJ, producer, and the esteemed founder of the Wonder Gate music collective. His signature sound—a harmonious fusion of melodic techno and progressive house, punctuated by funk and disco nuances—sets him apart in the musical landscape. Eddy's prowess as a DJ is evident in his extensive portfolio of performances across diverse venues and events. Each performance underscores his innate ability to resonate with his audience, curating musical experiences that linger. This innate talent has not only garnered him a loyal cadre of followers but also the admiration of his contemporaries in the music domain. In his role as a producer, Eddy's creations have caught the attention of industry titans, receiving accolades from luminaries like Oliver Huntemann, Richie Hawtin, Vanilla Ace, Sascha Dive, and Marco Carola. Driven by a deep-seated passion for music and an unwavering commitment to nurturing nascent talent, Eddy conceived Wonder Gate. This collective serves as a beacon for emerging DJs and producers around the world. Through Wonder Gate, he offers a dynamic platform for artists to elevate their visibility and foster meaningful collaborations within the industry. Eddy's music and the work of his collective tell compelling stories, guiding listeners on evocative journeys crafted through his discerningly curated sets and compositions. He remains an influential force in the realm of electronic music, continually enchanting audiences with his distinctive sound and fervent dedication to the art.

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